IMG_20161011_155738321Since 2004 we realize short, medium and longtermed consultation for other companies and/or institutions, stakeholders, developers and start-ups:

Pucobre S.A: greenfields and follow up’s (2007-2011), Minera Catania Verde S.A: geological expertise (2011), Minería Activa S.A.: rare earth exploration (2011-2012), Mra. San Pedro Ltda.: bore hole re-location & 3D-modelling (2013), EPG-Partners: geochemistry & detailed exploration maps (2013), E-Capital: geological expertise (2013) and EcoMetales: regional mining waste geochemistry (2014-15).

Actually we expanded our consulting and service to clients from the energy sector too, like GIZ-Chile, for instance.

[picture, at right Dipl.-Ing. C. Krause, AREVA H2Gen GmbH, matchmaking during trade-fair World-of-Energy-Solutions, Stuttgart, Germany, 12 oct'16]