high speed mobility

November 8, 2015

October 2015 I made reconnaissance journey through four countries: Germany, France, Spain and Portugal, to compare different forms of mobility with electric trains mostly, in general of high velocity, in both directions, about 5.000 km. To resume: the trains are the European ‘union’, environmental friendly, are comfortables, rapid, sometimes up to 300km/h, and they leave you in the ‘centre/heart of the city’. – To feel the smooth, when a ICE of last generation starts (or even stops), a TGV or AVE, is real amazing, without any noises during total journey, thanks by continous tracks and periodic inspections. Everything is modernizing, trains, trams, urban buses, etc., each time more comfortable with their passengers…it´s a pleasure to feel the emotion ‘to move with electricity’, favoring everyone.