mobile XRF-exploration

June 18, 2017

SAM_1643Clients prefer for their projects all-in-one service products like our Exploraberg Insitu, a complete exploration package,  service and consulting. Proven geocientific know how for mine and ore deposit discovery with adecuate technology:

  • mobile  XRF-analisis (x-ray) on site, for all real-time decisions to make in field, to define multielement geochemical baseline of each deposit (30-40E.). To reduce costs for chemical analisis, preselecting most relevant samples to send to the laboratory during running drill campaign. Or checking ore contents from mine in-situ explotation versus concentrate powders from plant laboratory. Including environmental problems in tailings and waste. Results in Exel-tabels.
  • geological on site-checks about different tipes of ore deposits,  minerology, metalogenesis and pathfinder indicators like alteration, petrology, structures and veins.
  • digital-field- mapping of thematic shapes, supported by XILAB-software, GPS and rugged technology Getac. We visualize detailed information in form of three principal overlays, easy to understand: 1.- Geology vs. structures, 2.- Alteration vs. Mineralization and 3.- Satellite image vs. mine/exploration activity.

Exploraberg Insitu works efficiant and well organized, doing professional & independant work in field and final interpretation in office.